When it’s time to exit the water after a long day of boating, the job of loading your boat onto your trailer can oftentimes be a cumbersome task. Whether you are navigating crowded waters with other anxious boaters trying to exit, fighting choppy waters, dealing with strong winds, navigating murky waters, or encountering an awkward angle, lining up your boat with your trailer for a successful load and exit is never easy.

Even the most skilled and experienced boat operators have to take these challenges head on when using their water craft. In addition, we can’t forget about the growing number of new boat operators who often face anxiety just thinking about this measure alone.

Historically, people have used PVC pipes on their trailer to serve as guides. 


At Slick Sticks we firmly believe in our product which serves three purposes:

Elevation of Your Trailer Brake Lights
Slicks Sticks include sonically sealed led brake lights that are super bright and will act as fully functioning brakes and turn signals.